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Highly-skilled professionals in Poznan

What makes us unique?

As a part of a global healthcare company, we work in a multinational environment consisted of various cultures and languages.

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We aim at providing the best possible conditions for personal development by knowledge transfer or courses with certificates. 12 382 hours of training were conducted from January to September, 2017. 89% of them were external.

We take care of our employees and we constantly enhance working conditions. We believe that the way of achieving goals has the same importance as the final result.

We create inspiring and friendly workplace environment. Thanks to that our employees develop their potential and accomplish great outcomes.

The range of services that we provide is diversified.

Mainly, we support cyber security, research & development (R&D IT), manufacturing, monitoring and management systems, data base and data warehouse, group cooperation tools, CRM applications, mobile applications and Multi Channel Marketing Services.